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1 several things grouped together or considered as a whole [syn: aggregation, accumulation, assemblage]
2 a publication containing a variety of works [syn: compendium]
3 request for a sum of money; "an appeal to raise money for starving children" [syn: solicitation, appeal, ingathering]
4 the act of gathering something together [syn: collecting, assembling, aggregation]

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  1. A set of items or objects procured by an individual.
  2. Multiple related objects associated as a group.
  3. The activity of collecting.
    Collection of trash will occur every Thursday.


set of items
multiple related objects
activity of collecting



From collectio.



fr-noun f
  1. collection

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Festschrift, abundance, accumulation, agglomeration, aggregation, album, alms, alms fee, amassment, ana, analects, anthology, aquarium, assemblage, assembling, assembly, assortment, back number, backlog, band, beauties, body, boiling, bringing together, budget, bunch, burnt offering, call-up, canon, canvass, census, charity, chrestomathy, clippings, clump, cluster, collectanea, collected works, collecting, colligation, collocation, colluvies, combination, commissariat, commissary, company, comparison, compilation, complete works, concourse, concurrence, confluence, conflux, congeries, conglomeration, congregation, contribution, convergence, copy, cornucopia, corpus, corralling, crew, crowd, cumulation, cuttings, data, data-gathering, delectus, dole, donation, donative, drink offering, dump, edition, ex voto offering, excerpta, excerpts, extracts, florilegium, flowers, fragments, fund, garden, garland, garnering, gathering, gleaning, gleanings, group, handout, heap, heave offering, hecatomb, hoard, holdings, holocaust, human sacrifice, immolation, impression, incense, infanticide, ingathering, inventory, issue, junction, juxtaposition, kit, larder, libation, library, library edition, lot, mactation, mass, material, materials, materiel, medley, menagerie, miscellanea, miscellany, mobilization, munitions, museum, muster, number, oblation, offering, offertory, omnibus, omnium gatherum, outfit, party, peace offering, photograph album, piacular offering, pile, pittance, plenitude, plenty, printing, provisionment, provisions, quotation book, rations, raw data, repertoire, repertory, rick, rodeo, roundup, ruck, sacramental offering, sacrifice, scapegoat, school edition, scrapbook, self-immolation, self-sacrifice, series, set, solicitation, stack, stock, stock-in-trade, stockpile, store, stores, subscription, supplies, supply on hand, survey, suttee, sutteeism, symposium, thank offering, tithe, trade book, trade edition, treasure, treasury, trove, variety, volume, votive offering, whole offering, zoo
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